Adamantium Electric Tabletop Heater (Brown) (34.6″H x 19.7″W x 19.7″D)

Adamantium Electric Tabletop Heater (Brown) (34.6JADKA | This electric tabletop heater is the perfect way to have year-round fun outdoors. With such a convenient and attractive way to keep warm, your conversations with friends and families won’t have to stop when summer ends. Designed to look like a lamp, this heater will look great as part of your patio decor. The gorgeous stand and deep brown color is sure to impress your patio guests. The heater has a 1,200-watt bulb, which is equivalent to 4,095 BTU’s. It is very easy to use as well – just plug it in! It uses a standard 120V grounded outlet. The Adamantium Electric Tabletop Heater is a patio necessity. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: Easy. ( searching data … )