Fashion Smart Pedometer (Orange)

Fashion Smart Pedometer (Orange) Generic B00O44CINARARG0 | I always used as a Birthday present, Christmas gifts to Kids, BF/GF, parents, classmates ba la ba la.
Pedometer: My 3D pedometer is very sensitive, I can catch every steps you moved, do not challenge me.
Distance: I can summary how much distance you moved in certain period;
Calories Burned: I can calculate how much calories you burned based on your personal data and your actions;
Temperature: I can tell you what environment temperature you are stay in to avoid Heatstroke.
Sleep Quality: I could trace your sleep quality, and tell you when is your deep sleeping period, when you would Sleepwalking.
Battery: A rechargeable Li-battery is in my body which could last 7-21 days.

1,Shows time and date
2,Sync time and activity data to you … ( hunting product … )