French Bench X90, Sky Blue

French Bench X90, Sky Blue GloDea B00KC5ETF0MDXE | The French Bench X90 is unique with an exotic beauty and is 100% made in the USA out of reforestation wood! This intriguing piece of furniture arrives partially assembled at your home and in a few minutes will be ready for use! Thoughtfully conceptualized by the Brazilian designer Ignacio Santos and created by the Colombian designer Fabian Ramos, the French Bench X90 is crafted from Premium Yellow Pine wood from Alabama, stainless steel and built to last for years with the right care. This versatile backless bench is perfect to take the front and center in your living room but also it’s an excellent option to divide different spaces within a same room. It’s inventive design, and triangular legs give it a great stability making it suitable b… ( loading data … )