HERA Ultrasonic Humidifer

HERA Ultrasonic Humidifer Stadler Form B005HGD9VYMQABE | Do you want to have a two gallon humidifier which looks slim and modern? Here you are! Hera is our new high-end Tower Ultrasonic Humidifier with fantastic performance. Warm and cool mist, fully automatic mode with built in hygrostat, adjustable output with bidirectional nozzle, night mode for a restful sleep, continuous mode for ongoing humidification. This top of the line unit is equipped with a powerful demineralization cartridge to help prevent the release of minerals in the air and is also equipped with the patented Ionic Silver Cube (ISCâ„¢) to keep the water free from mold and bacteria. Swiss design, Swiss engineering, Swiss technology. Hera sets the bar. ( searching item … )