Lifesource Xl-18 Tri-axial Activity Monitor

Lifesource Xl-18 Tri-axial Activity Monitor LifeSource B003VQK0HSUPMGN | The xl-18 tri-axial activity monitor has 3-axis motion detection. it uses a digital accelerometer to track movement in all directions for an extremely accurate measure of your motion. it records your steps, distance and calories burned. the xl-18 has a motion indicator that shows the intensity of your movements as well as a 14-day memory. a detachable lanyard, internal clock, power save mode and battery life indicator also come standard. and it can be carried in your pocket, purse or bag.With the ability to accurately measure movement from your pocket, purse, or bag, the LifeSource Tri-Axial Activity Monitor is a convenient way to keep track of your daily activity. The monitor records your motions whether you are walking, jogging, exercisin… ( getting list … )