Omron Healthcare HJ-323U Tri Axis Pedometer

Omron Healthcare HJ-323U Tri Axis Pedometer Omron B00BQM6XVG9WLIZ | Description:Combining all the activity-enhancing features of tri-axis technology with the OmronFitness, the HJ-323U USB pedometer provides an engaging and information-driven way to improve one’s health.OmronFitness Online Fitness TrackerOmronFitness is accessible & viewable on PC & Mac laptops/desktops and is viewable on tablets and smartphones. When you connect the HJ-323U to Omronfitness, you’ll be able to view your trends, track your goals and stay motivated as you improve your personal fitness.Features: Omron Tri-Axis Technology: Position your pedometer where it’s most comfortable – on your hip, in a pocket or bag OmronFitness: Connect product via USB and automatically upload data; no monthly fee required Tracks Two Kinds of Steps: The … ( loading product … )