Striiv Smart Pedometer, Family Bundle

Striiv Smart Pedometer, Family Bundle Striiv B008X06WV0R6N8K | Striiv Smart Pedometer Make walking to lunch, taking the stairs, and walking dogs a fun experience that motivates you to get fit. With no smartphone required, the Striiv Smart Pedometer designs personalized challenges tailored to your activity levels, and turns 10,000 steps a day into playing a game, donating to charity, and competing with friends. The Striiv Smart Pedometer has a high resolution, color touchscreen and built in apps designed to make daily fitness fun. Striiv’s activity motivation system was designed by leading experts in game design and behavior change with one goal in mind–to get you to walk a lot more. Challenges + Trophies Striiv creates personal challenges based on your level of activity, so you reach your fit… ( digging product … )