Retro Chocolate Fantasy Gift Box

Retro Chocolate Fantasy Gift Box Candy Crate B000E80BY89VOQL | The perfect gift for any chocolate lover.

Contains Chocolate Kisses and Hearts plus a fantastic assortment of nostalgic chocolate candy ~ including Original Nestle Milk Chocolate Bar, Good News Bar, Mallo Cup, Idaho Spud, Nut Goodie, 5th Avenue, Look Bar, Ghirardelli Chocolates, Oh Henry, CupOGold, Sno Caps, Sky Bar, Big Cherry, Old Faithful Bar, Clark Bar, U-NO Bar, Chocolate Necco Wafers, Nestle Chunky Bar, Sixlets, Chocolate BB Bats, Chocolate Salt Water Taffy, Chocolate Foil wrapped hearts, Flicks Chocolates and Rocky Road Candy Bar!
Over 2.5 pounds of old fashioned fun! (Some items may be substituted if necessary.) ( digging info … )